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The DL-IT company was set up in 2015 to bring together the best worldwide experts. We provide first class services for developing, maintaining and promoting unique high quality sites.

DL-IT is a team of professional and long-time experienced IT developers, designers, SEO experts, and UI/UX/web-designers.

We fully understand what modern online businesses need. Our experts' qualification, experience, and extensive know-how along with a large clientele base allow our company to provide A-list services at reasonable prices.

A number of indisputable benefits let us guarantee the quality of our products

A team of long-time experienced professionals

We've taken every painstaking effort to guarantee that our staff are the best of the best. Our team is a key to success. The DL-IT experts understand perfectly every aspect of sites development. On the other hand, they have the opportunity to focus on specific aspects that they are the best at.


The sites we have developed yield constant profits since they are targeted at further promotion and go with SEO services.


The DL-IT Company provides each client with first class services and always respects deadlines.

Reasonable pricing

Our experts' extensive expertise and experience in the field of IT services minimize our service costs and allow us to complete your orders at sensible prices.

We take into account each client's specific needs

We develop sites according to their target audience, prospective visitors, customers, business partners, and so on.


Standard site development

  • Business card site

    It's a compact site of up to 10 pages where you can display some information on your company, the list of your goods and services, and contact details. This is a perfect option for a small business. The business site card development includes domain registration, design, and SEO.

  • Landing page

    A landing page is an eye-caching one-page site that contains infographics and animation, and whose goal is to sell goods/services or convince a visitor to leave his/her contact information. The landing page development comprises 4 stages: design, coding, programming and target setting.

  • Corporate site

    A perfect solution for long-standing companies with developed business processes. It's quite a large internet resource which provides every opportunity to communicate with the target audience. Its functions aren't limited to presenting goods and services. This kind of a site offers its users convenient software services. The corporate site development includes requirements specification, prototyping, design, coding, and programming.

  • Online shop

    A convenient online platform for selling your goods. The functionality and design of your site are thoroughly tailored to your company's requirements: filters, promotions, bonus systems, and so on. The online shop development includes technical requirements specification, design, coding and extensive programming works.

Unique content generation

  • Unique project

    This doesn't have to be a site; it can be a software service or a web application. The preliminary stage includes a deep analysis of your business so that the final product fully meets the needs of your online business, once design, programming and analysis works have been completed.

Site maintenance

  • Hosting, domain renewal, backups...

    We will perform all routine works to register a domain and host your site, to protect it against viruses and force majeure, and to guarantee its uninterrupted performance.

  • SEO and site optimisation

    We will push your site up to TOP 10 Google search results and guarantee huge traffic to your site, which will result inevitably in new customers.

  • Site performance optimization

    We can fix any mistakes made by previous developers, remove viruses, speed up your site and improve its general convenience.


  • Logo, design, corporate style

    You can trust us with the creation of your company's logo and corporate style. Our qualified experts' meticulous work will help turn your company’s name to an easily recognizable brand.

  • Banners design

    We can design animated (flash, gif...) and static banners to be placed on your site or advertising platforms. These days, banners don't simply represent a graphic advertising module, they also contain a hyperlink to the relevant page of your site. You will have a banner tailored to your target audience.

  • Business cards, flyers, brochures and other kinds of printed materials

    We will prepare exquisite high quality layouts for any of your printed materials. Stylish branded printing production is a key to your business success. We can offer you booklets, catalogues, leaflets, flyers, newsletters, stickers, business cards, packages, press releases and price lists.